Monday, August 8, 2011

To Experience it…First you have to experiment with it! The B. Williams Experiment is just that good!

Meeting Brandon “B” Williams is an experience in itself, when we met for our interview on July 8th at Starbucks, I entered into the coffee shop, and there he stood, with his grayish graphic tee on, some light blue jeans and chuck taylor shoes and I-pad in hand. Brandon is a very humble man, with an awesome personality and great presence. Detroit bred, Brandon has always been very passionate about music, stemming all the way back to the age of five, when his grandmother purchased him hisvery first little keyboard, and as the cliche goes, that's all he wrote.

On July 7, 2011 The B. Williams Experiment took front stage at the historical Bakers Keyboard Lounge, where Derrick Benford (Keyboard), Damon Warmack (Bass) LaDarrell Johnson (Saxophone) and Brandon Williams (Drums) made musical history, bringing the smooth sounds of Coltrane, Miles Davis and many other jazz greats and infusing in today’s great jazz music with a twist. These four brothers turned it out, and gave those who were present, an experience of a lifetime.

When you hear people speak about real jazz music and those great jazz musicians of the past, you very rarely, here those same jazz enthusiast speak as highly about jazz today as they did, back than. Brandon is attempting to do something about that, he is attempting to do something in music that has never been done before, he’s looking to bridge the gap between the generations, by taking something as simple and classic as Blue & Green by Miles Davis and putting a little Dilla on it and introducing the younger generation to a whole entire different world of Jazz.

Brandon wears far more hats, than just a drummer of his own band, his career is astonishing and the list of people who have helped contribute to the pivotal point of his success were those who saw greatness in this young man, stemming from Denaun Porter “Kon Artist” of D-12; who took Brandon under his wing and showed him the ropes. Brandon has had the opportunity to work with D-12 on their album, as well as worked with Kon Artist on a Dr. Dre project for the Detox Album (which has not been released as of yet) Brandon has also worked on Jadakiss latest album “The Kiss” on a track title "smoking gun" featuring the musically talented song bird herself, Miss Jazmine Sullivan.

To know Brandon is to know you’re in for a treat, musically & professionally. Brandon B. Williams has and is all about real good...feel altering soul healing music. Brandon wants to make sure that the music he produces and put’s out is healing to a person’s soul. When a person hears his music, he wants them to be able to heal from whatever pains, that they are dealing with or situations that they may be going through. Detroit, by far has the most talented musicians, singers, producers, writers ever known to man kind. It’s time that you took the opportunity to open up your ears and listen and open your eyes to see it, before it’s all said and done, and you’ve missed your chance to experience such a great person as Brandon “B’ Williams.

If you’re looking to check out and hear for yourself the greatness they call, Brandon “B” Williams, here is where you can catch him during the week:

Wednesday: “Official Birthday Celebration at the Key Club 9:00pm - $5 cover

Thursday: The B. Williams “Experiment” at Bakers Keyboard Lounge 8:00pm - $5 cover

Friday: The B. Williams “Experiment” at Motor city Wine 10:00pm - $5 cover

Music is essential to the soul and Brandon Williams is bringing that type of music to us all day long. For more information on B. Williams feel free to follow him on twitter at!/soulasismusic or become his facebook friend at

My saying goes, every person has a voice, and how you choose to utilize yours in the ultimate key. Brandon’s voice speaks to us in his music, and it’s being spoken all across the broad, so take some time to listen to what this gentleman has to say….